Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Butterfly Newsletter?

After receiving newsletters from several sources, we decided to start one and have fun with it. Boy, did we get out of control! We now have several butterfly newsletters going.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Festival Takes Flight in April

As we plan the April 14, 2007 Butterfly Festival at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm in Brooker, Florida (near Gainesville and the Butterfly Rainforest), we are propagating many host and nectar plants. A plant swap will be held at the festival. Vendors (selling anything plant or butterfly/moth related) are invited.

The festival will also host a swap for any Florida resident who wishes to trade or give away butterfly or moth eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, or adults.

The farm has been cold (well, cool for us) for the last week. Tomorrow it hits the 70s again. Perhaps we'll see a few butterflies


Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

Malachites at Lake Okeechobee

Stephen and I went to Lake Okeechobee last week. We traveled north on the east side of the lake. Every time we travel back I wheedle and plead and Stephen allows me to pull off and swing under the overpass. I climb out with my camera and have fun. This time I took photos of two Malachites. This was the first time I spotted them that far north. One was tattered and the other was fresh. Although I searched for eggs and caterpillars on green shrimp growing there, I didn't see traces of either.

I also spotted quite a few Zebra Longwing butterflies, Great Southern White butterflies, some Sulphurs, Checkered Skippers, Long-tailed Skippers, lots of Red Admirals on pellitory and drinking nectar from Spanish Needles (Bidens sp.) and White Peacocks. We did spot a little bit of False Nettle but I didn't notice Red Admirals on it. Pellitory was full of 'nests' of Red Admiral caterpillars.