Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Malachites at Lake Okeechobee

Stephen and I went to Lake Okeechobee last week. We traveled north on the east side of the lake. Every time we travel back I wheedle and plead and Stephen allows me to pull off and swing under the overpass. I climb out with my camera and have fun. This time I took photos of two Malachites. This was the first time I spotted them that far north. One was tattered and the other was fresh. Although I searched for eggs and caterpillars on green shrimp growing there, I didn't see traces of either.

I also spotted quite a few Zebra Longwing butterflies, Great Southern White butterflies, some Sulphurs, Checkered Skippers, Long-tailed Skippers, lots of Red Admirals on pellitory and drinking nectar from Spanish Needles (Bidens sp.) and White Peacocks. We did spot a little bit of False Nettle but I didn't notice Red Admirals on it. Pellitory was full of 'nests' of Red Admiral caterpillars.

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