Friday, November 17, 2006

Question Mark Butterfly in Winter

What a name! People become confused when I talk about the 'Question Mark' butterfly. They often think I'm saying that I can't remember the butterfly's name. There is a white 'question mark' on the outside of its hindwing. It's scientific name even reflects the mark; Polygonia interrogationis. A butterfly book from the twenties calls it the 'Interrogation Butterfly'. This butterfly spends the winter as an adult. It hides in nooks and crevices in wood. A pile of firewood can make a good home for these beautiful butterflies.
They are often found eating rotting fruit. Since their only means on intake is their proboscis, a ‘drinking straw’ which curls tightly when not in use, they can only drink liquids. Rotting fruit is partially liquid.
They lay eggs upon false nettle (boehmeria cylindrical) and sugarberry/hackberry (Celtis laevigata) ~Edith

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