Monday, November 20, 2006

Cold Weather and Butterflies

Cool and sunny! Our temperature is 54 degrees and we noticed a Gulf Fritillary flying in the garden and drinking nectar. In north Florida temperatures drop to the twenties a night or two each winter. Long-tailed Skippers fly in cooler weather also.

I put about two dozen Luna Moth caterpillars on a Sweet Gum tree by the driveway. I don't have enough potted plants to feed as many caterpillars as we have eating. I hope to be able to feed all of them before Sweet Gum trees drop thier leaves. Sandra found a Luna Moth and placed it into a paper bag for me. The moth laid eggs in the bag. They hatched and have been eating me out of Sweet Gum.

In the off-season we can spend more time working on our website and other projects. The time it takes to feed larvae has dropped from 4-6 hours a day to less than an hour a day.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

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