Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cornucopia of Caterpillars

First critters on today's walk were turkeys, not happy with me coming too close to them.

Moving on ... I watched two duskywing butterflies laying eggs.  One on oak and the other on a vine in the pea family.

Duskywing Butterfly Egg on Oak Tree

There were eggs of butterflies, moths, and other critters on and under leaves.  This one egg was designated as food by these three ants.  They were working hard to break the egg loose and carry it off.

Ants Removing Moth Egg

An assortment of butterflies but not a large assortment were drinking nectar from goldenrod and other flowering plants.

Next, a cornucopia of caterpillars and eggs!

A look at the front of this caterpillar makes you wonder quite what it is!  Of course, the entire caterpillar looks quite different. This caterpillar will sting.

Spiny Oak Slug Moth Euclea delphinii Caterpillar
Spiny Oak Slug Moth Euclea delphinii Caterpillar

Spiny Oak Slug Moth Euclea delphinii Caterpillar

The prolegs (last few sets of legs) of the one below were comical.  All the caterpillars were on oak except for this one, on sweet gum leaves.  I believe it is Large Paectes - Paectes abrostoloides.

Large Paectes - Paectes abrostoloides

Large Paectes - Paectes abrostoloides

I'll be researching and identifying these caterpillars as I have time.  They were all found on oak.  I do know a couple of them and will add identification tomorrow. If you know the identity of any of these, please email me at Thank you!

Yellow Shouldered Slug Moth - Lithacodes fasciola

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