Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Brachnoid Wasps and More 'Stuff'

The first find of today's walk was a sad one.  A Yellow Lined Slug Moth has brachnoid wasp cocoons on its back.  This caterpillar will be dead shortly.  We did find another Yellow Lined Slug Moth caterpillar that appears to be healthy.  We won't know until it emerges as an adult, though.

Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth - Lithacodes fasciola
Brachnoid Wasp Cocoons 

Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth - Lithacodes fasciolaBrachnoid Wasp Cocoons
We startled a deer that took off into the deeper woods.  There wasn't enough time to take a photo.

Next, a couple of caterpillars.  One is another caterpillar of a species we picked up last week and the other is one caterpillar of a species we raised last year.
Afflicted Dagger Moth - Acronicta afflicta

We found several of the caterpillar just above, varying sizes. 

A racket and rattle near me caught my attention.  A butterfly predator had caught and was eating a butterfly predator.  A Robber Fly caught a Dragonfly and is eating it.
A Robber Fly caught and is eating a Dragonfly
A Robber Fly caught and is eating a Dragonfly

Nothing to do with butterflies, but mushrooms were popping up all over the place!

This looks like a little table or pillow with lace around the edge.

Today's finds: about 10 species of caterpillars, several species of eggs, one set of brachnoid cocoons, and a load of fun.

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