Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wandering with a Paper Bag

After bleaching a greenhouse today and going home to rest, I put on my tennis shoes to head out and take a short walk.  Of course, as I tie my shoes, it starts raining.  The rain stopped and I took a short walk in the wet grass at the edge of the woods here.

I found several Variable Oakleaf caterpillars - Lochmaeus manteo - chowing down on oak leaves.

And a couple of Yellow shouldered Slug Moth caterpillars -Lithacodes fasciola - underneath a couple of oak leaves. 

A side view reveals the head and legs of this caterpillar.  It's head is a tiny little green bump to the left.  This caterpillar is SMALL!  I edit the photos after I return so that extras, like my hand holding its leaf, won't show in the photo. 

But in this photo I decided to edit it twice.  The second time I left my hand to show how small this critter is.  I don't know yet what kind of egg is on the leaf.  It's a fairly large egg.  I'll let you know what it is when it hatches.  I brought it in out of sheer curiosity.

As I walk, I place any goodies I want to bring home in a paper bag and sort them when I arrive back at the house.

Wandering with a paper bag - how much better can it get?

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